Monday, October 15, 2012

Mad Monster Party "LATE ARRIVALS"

Here's the work I submitted for the Van Eaton Galleries' Mad Monster Party Group Art Show, currently on exhibit. Ten separate acrylic 
paintings on Aquarelle Arches paper. For those interested, soon I'll be posting the painting stages, from concept to finish, as
 well as some closer pix of the individual characters....


  1. Awesome, I so wish The Phantom of the Opera was in Mad Monster Party?. I'm not so sure about Nosferatu and Werewolf of London though since they already have one monster of their breed. And Dr. Phibes, The Exorcist, and Vampirella didn't exist when the movie was made so it's hard for me to imagine them in it. Especially Regan.

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  3. Thanks for your comment, ICLF. I guess Dr. Phibes, Regan McNeil, and Vampirella were VERY late arrivals! Which monsters would you like to see in the Rankin/Bass style?