Friday, September 16, 2011

Hey, I recognize that art:

The L.A. Weekly has posted a sketch I did at one of those "sexy drawing sessions" last year. Thanks, L.A.W.--  Here's a link to the article and more pix from other artists (NSFW):


  1. What a cool idea! Love your sketch, too - nice use of the red and black combo—very hot!

  2. NIce!!
    I'm so pissed that we no longer have a Dr. Sketchy's here. We had one going for awhile and then it just disappeared. I miss it.

  3. Thanks a lot Dave-- appreciate the comment.

    @Belle- I've been to one Dr. Sketchy's out here- they had a burlesque dancer model. The Gallery Girls sessions have spoiled me- low price, 4 hours, usually 3 or more models, drinks, and always cool music befitting the theme.