Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Lee J. Cobb as a really pissed-off character in the classic 12 ANGRY MEN.

Pencil on paper.


  1. Su-freaking-perb!
    One of my favorite actors, one of my favorite films. So many great *faces* in that cast -- Klugman, Cobb, Begley, Balsam, Marshall.
    I was trying to describe your style to a friend of mine the other day (we weren't near enough a computer to just go online and show her) and I could only come up with:
    "Imagine a John Kricfalusi cartoon where Al Hirschfeld sits and draws monsters in a '60s tiki lounge."
    I don't know right that is, but I'm not sure it's completely wrong... :-)
    Wonderful work, as ever.

  2. Gracias, amigo--
    One of these days I'm going to render all 12 Angry Men.
    I like your description of my art style, which also sounds like my idea of heaven- A Tiki Lounge with all the "trimmings"...